Little Rebel Cheerleading


Instructions for ordering uniforms

All uniforms will be measured by the Varsity Cheer Representative during the following dates and times:
Sunday, 4/30 from 1-5 pm
Thursday, 5/4 from 6-8 pm

You will be given an opportunity to sign up for a uniform fitting time during the registration process.  All uniform fittings will take place at the Rec Center in Room 4. Girls should wear a swimsuit or leotard to their fitting session. After uniform fittings, each cheerleader will be given a form with their sizes. All uniform pieces and accessories are mandatory, unless otherwise noted (cheer shoes and no-show socks).  It is the parent’s responsibility to order all uniform pieces through the website, no later than June 1st.  

Uniform: shell, skirt and fleece jacket will be ordered and paid through Little Rebel Cheerleading site. Uniform shells, skirts and fleece jackets will be delivered by the Squad Moms in August. Click here to order

Accessory pieces: turtleneck/midriff, brief, hair ribbon, poms, leggings, tote bag, cheer shoes (optional) and socks (optional) will all be available through the Varsity Cheerleading website. (The first 6 items are required uniform pieces, as noted in the list above. Make sure that you order 2 poms, as they are sold individually! Additional items such as cheer shoes, socks and Rebel spirit gear are also available, but are NOT required!) Please see the link below for current pricing.  These accessory items will be paid through the Varsity website directly, and will be shipped to your home.  

Please click here to be directed to the Varsity website, with the Little Rebel accessory order page.

Used Uniform Sale: Gently used uniform pieces are sold each year at our consignment sale. If items are purchased at consignment, each cheerleader will still need to attend the uniform fittings, so that they will be properly fitted for any new items that need to be ordered. Please see the Consignment Sale page for more information.


Uniform Shell and Skirt combination~$96
Shell only~$77
Skirt only~$64
Fleece Jacket~$26
(optional name monogram for Fleece Jacket)add $8.50